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  • Maintain a repository of successful calls
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Experience How Conversation
Intelligence Improves Deal Win Rates

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Build And Close More Pipeline With Call IQ

No more manually taking notes during calls. Call IQ automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes your meetings.
Save hours of time, stay focused on prospects and close more deals.

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Let AI Take Notes For You

Skip manually taking notes and stay fully focussed on prospects. Remember critical details
from the calls. Always follow up with context.

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ai takes notes for you

Call IQ Bot

Upon approval, Call IQ bot joins your calls to take notes for you.

Automatic Call Recording

Capture every detail from your calls effortlessly.

Automatic Call Transcription

Focus on conversations, without note-taking distractions.

Next Steps

Effortlessly track and remember next steps. Keep deals moving smoothly towards the close.

Review Calls In Minutes

Reflect on your own calls, learn from your peers and apply winning strategies across every deal.

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Overall Summary

Get a concise of your entire conversation
at a glance.



Analyze your prospects’ area of interest and common
objections with Questions Asked.



Find if prospects are reacting positively or
negatively to analyze their intent.


Talk Time

Become an effective ‘listener’ who uncovers your prospect’s deepest needs and criteria on calls.


Turn Deal-Closing Into a True Team Sport

Bring in every stakeholder required to close the deal. From support to product to marketing to sales.

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Add insightful comments in any part of
the transcript.

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@ Mentions

Tag stakeholders at key inflection points of
the call. Instantly highlight where assistance and
opinions are needed.

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Follow-Up With Context

Build stronger connections and increase conversion rate by following up with context.

Share Minutes of the Meeting

Effortlessly share the minutes of the meeting with the
prospects post each call.

Share Next Steps

Remind the prospects about the action items discussed
before the next call.

Share Call Recordings

Keep the prospects aligned on discussions by sharing
call recordings and transcripts.


Automatically Update
Notes to CRM

Maintain a pristine system of record wherever you work.

Sync Call Recordings to CRM

Effortlessly maintain prospect data with all call recordings automatically synced to your CRM.

Sync Call Notes to CRM

Call IQ syncs with your CRM to automatically update call transcripts and summaries as Notes.

Sync Call Summaries to Slack

Maintain a personal record of all call transcripts and
summaries promptly updated on slack, to review and
analyze your interactions.


Build more pipeline and Close more deals with Call IQ

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