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Atlanta, Georgia



How Double the Donation Increased Their Outbound
Revenue by 93%

Teams using Klenty

Outbound Sales

Standardized their sales process

Accelerated repetitive work

175% increase in number of deals booked

250% increase in productivity


  • Reps relying on intuition and guesswork
  • Hours wasted on manual data entry
  • Too many tasks. Too little time

About Double the Donation:

Double the Donation is a Georgia-based software company which helps non-profits raise more money from corporate matching gifts and volunteer programs.


The company wanted to scale outbound as a revenue channel. And while expanding their team to hit targets, they ran into a few challenges:

“How do we make the sales process repeatable so new sales reps can plug and play from day 1?”

"How to standardize sequences such that best practices are followed by every sales rep on the team?"

"How do we make each rep execute more activities per hour in a seamless manner?"

"How do we ensure data is immaculately logged into our ZohoCRM with zero manual work?"

"The ZohoCRM integration is super important to us because seamless data flow for us is very essential. Everyone uses the word "deep integration" when they talk about their products, but how deep is it really?"

With these challenges in mind, they evaluated several competing sales engagement tools including the likes of Salesloft and Outreach - to find one that would best suit their needs.

That was when they landed on Klenty.

The Klenty Difference

  • Standardized outbound outreach process
  • Hyper-personalized cold emails
  • Extensive reporting for better coaching
  • Hours saved on manual data entry

Favorite Features

  • Klenty Sequences
  • Custom Fields
  • Reports
  • Seamless Zoho CRM Integration


Klenty helped Double the Donation execute a centralized outreach strategy, boost productivity and experience an outbound revenue jump of 93%. Read on to learn how they achieved it.


Sequence: The key to a repeatable sales process

Double the Donation used a mixture of automated emails, calls, and LinkedIn tasks with timed intervals in their Klenty sequences. Rather than relying on intuition and guesswork, Klenty ensured every rep now followed the same centralized playbook and made execution effortless.

“Creating sequences is easy and intuitive. The centralized approach has made things really easy for us. We're bringing in new hires and they can just plug and play and start outreach from day 1. “


Deals booked by outbound process jumped by 175% because of intuitive cadences and a centralized strategy.


Klenty + Zoho: Two tools. One record

Having standardized sales sequences, the next step was to ensure automatic data flow between Klenty and Zoho CRM.

Klenty's integration helped them create rules like starting a sequence as soon as a lead entered Zoho CRM.

Some of the other workflows they automated using Klenty were:

  • Auto-sync: Klenty automatically recorded the emails sent, opens, clicks and replies in Zoho. Thus reps no longer spent hours manually updating data and focused on activities that mattered.
  • Auto-import: As soon as leads entered Zoho, a sequence would automatically start from Klenty.
  • Field Mapping: Importing custom fields from ZohoCRM to Klenty allowed Double the Donation to personalize their activities based on lead information.
  • Triggers: Tasks like calls, manual emails and LinkedIn followups created in Klenty were automatically reflected in Zoho. Therefore, reps could log into their CRM, and start executing without switching tabs.

“Our team loves the overall seamless experience in Klenty. The fact that as soon as someone enters our Zoho, their entire journey is just mapped in Klenty makes things very easy. Tasks that used to take between 4-5 hours , now takes 2 hours with Klenty.”


They saw a sales productivity jump of 250% as manual tasks were now eliminated.


Multi channel outreach: Getting faster responses

With Klenty, Double the Donation was able to go beyond automated emails and add LinkedIn tasks and calls to their sequences.

  • Automated Emails: Adam's team sent personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale. The highlight was their high email deliverability.
  • Calls: Klenty's powerful Sales Dialer automatically placed calls one after another so reps could work in a state of flow.

Unlike other tools, Double the Donation found zero connectivity issues with Klenty's Dialer which made calling easy. In addition, they were able to access local numbers which helped them build trust over the phone.

  • LinkedIn: Double the Donation executed LinkedIn tasks such as Connect Requests, InMails and Profile Views as part of their sequences.

“It's very rare for our sales team to actually like using their sales software. But with Klenty, our reps are much happier and they enjoy using the tool. Klenty's Call feature has been really strong.”


Reps could reach prospects across multiple channels from one platform, stay top of mind and get faster responses.


Exceptional Support: The icing on the cake

The enthusiasm of Klenty's Support Squad delighted Adam. Anytime they had questions or requests, the Support team responded within minutes and made their experience with Klenty seamless.

“Klenty's support team helped us onboard seamlessly and were very responsive. Following up was the key part here. Most companies don't do that.”



  • Executing a centralized outreach strategy
  • Accelerating productivity with Deep Integrations
  • Engaging leads across multiple channels

Klenty ensured Adam's team exceeded their outbound targets and increased revenue by 93%.

Klenty has helped us engage a far greater number of leads per week, resulting in an outbound revenue jump of 93%. There has been strong ROI in our investment with Klenty. Until now, we could never find a tool that actually integrated with ZohoCRM. Klenty has been a HUGE win for us!

Adam Weinger

President at Double the Donation

Turn good quarters into great quarters
with a repeatable sales process