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Experience How Conversation
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Execute The Right Next Step For Every Prospect

Klenty’s Playbooks makes your follow-ups more effective by adapting your sales strategy to where prospects are in their buying journey.

  • Make every touchpoint more meaningful
  • Focus on engaged prospects
  • Maximize the pipeline you build from your lists
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1 of 3 Things Happen Every Time
You Execute A Sales Touch


The prospect is interested and says ‘yes’. Meeting booked!


The prospect shows a little interest but stays on the fence


The prospect ignores your outreach and you stop
reaching out to them


Only 5-8% Of Your Prospect
List Is Actively Looking
For A Solution

  • The truth is, your prospects are at different
    stages in their buying journey.
  • Some are sales-ready. Others are undecided. And the
    rest aren’t interested (right now).
  • Each prospect needs a different sales strategy
    to book a meeting.
The problem? Most sales automation tools force you
to execute the same activities for every prospect.


Rigid Sales Automation Forces
You To Spam And Pray

  • Outdated outreach practices make you perform more and
    more activities while failing to capture the buying journey.
The result?  Rep overwork. Missed opportunities.
Burned prospects. Unmet sales targets.

That’s Why We Built Playbooks

Playbooks identifies where prospects are in their buying journey. And
uses an advanced ‘Trigger Matrix’ to ensure you execute the right
strategy for every prospecting outcome.

Cadence Approach

Without Intent

  • All prospects
  • Same messaging
  • Mindless execution

Missed meetings

No more blind follow ups

Playbooks Approach

With Intent

  • Right prospects
  • Right message
  • Right time

Meetings booked

Intelligent sales outreach

12 Ways Top Sales Teams Use Playbooks
To Win More Meetings






Automatically switch activities based on whether prospects
are cold, warm or hot. Never spam and pray again.

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Prioritize engaged prospects

Automatically assign calls or hyper-personalized email steps for sales-ready prospects

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Build interest in on-the-fence prospects

Push less-engaged prospects to open a conversation with you by switching them into a ‘nurture’ sequence

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Stay in touch with unresponsive prospects

Auto-assign a ‘drop-off’ sequence or new channels for disinterested prospects. Stay in touch till their next buying cycle begins


Confidently engage prospects with a strategy for every possible status.
Never miss a single opportunity again.

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Personalize for prospects who answer calls

Drive prospects who respond on call/ Linkedin into further call or personalized follow-up steps, amplifying engagement

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Don’t let unanswered calls be the end

Assign ‘call later’ or email follow-ups for prospects who don’t pick up calls or interact on Linkedin

activeBulletin inActiveBulletin
Beat the voicemail gatekeeper

When calls go to voicemail, assign next steps on other channels so you open conversations without wasting time


Turn ‘No’s and ‘Not now’s into ‘Yes’ with a strategy for
every possible outcome from your outreach.

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Seamlessly hand opportunities to sales

Transfer prospects who show ‘positive’ outcomes on call to AEs without manual work

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Persist with prospects who might buy later

Assign gentle nurtures for prospects who give negative responses to your outreach. Stay in touch till their next buying cycle

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Don’t let the wrong contact block your outreach

Set up tasks to find and engage the right contact, in case you called the wrong one


From cold to closed, execute the right activities for every
sales stage while removing manual work.

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Automate prospect routing

Automatically direct prospects entering your CRM into the right sequence and to the right owner in Klenty.

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Shorten sales cycles

By triggering a playbook for every pipeline stage, make sure seller activities are consistent and timely

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Re-activate and close even lost deals

Klenty moves prospects who belong to different CRM filters ( such as lost, contacted, not contacted) into the right list in Klenty. And then into the appropriate sequence

See How Cadence Playbooks Can
Transform Your Outreach

Playbooks Is Your Unfair Advantage Over
Spammy Sales Teams


With a list and a strategy for every prospect, you control your ability to hit quota


Get more meetings booked from the same prospect list


Clone winning playbooks from other reps so you exceed targets, together


Put more effort into prospects who matter. Nurture the rest. Avoid burnout.

Crush Your Sales Targets By Executing The
Right Next Step For Every Prospect

See Playbooks in action now